How to do a headstand

Headstands are often referred to as the king of all yoga poses. However, it’s not easy for everyone to do a head stand and for many the idea of being inverted can feel very scary. The head stand is a very beneficial posture for increasing blood flow to the brain, building strength in the arms, shoulders and core muscles, increasing energy and stamina and some even claim, reducing hair loss.

It takes time and patience to do it right and it’s important to learn to do it correctly to avoid injury. A head stand relies on core strength to get into the posture. Once you are up in the air you need to employ arm & back strength to support your head and neck so that the weight is held in the arms & back. These muscles need to be fully engaged to maintain this posture so that the head is not sunk into the ground and the neck is not rounded. The head can, with practise, be off the ground.

Emily Ford demonstrates below:

Incorrect headstand.

Emily demonstrates the incorrect way get in to the head stand. The back is rounded which means that the back muscles are not fully engaged, thus putting a lot of the weight onto the spine and the neck.


Now you can see how Emily has engaged the back and arm muscles. This means that the spine is in good alignment and the weight is distributed into the arms and not the neck. The core & abs are essential to being able to achieve the lift.


Perfect demonstration of the headstand. Thanks Emily

Marina Kyriacou, Inspirit Massage Practitioner

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