The new face of Inspirit - a personal touch

If you are a long standing client of ours or happen to be re-browsing our site, you will notice that Inspirit has had a face lift, one which we hope you will enjoy. We wanted our website to reflect the personal feel of our business, both in terms of the services we are offering and the way we deliver them.

We want to collaborate with you as a business but talk to you like a human being. We understand that each organisation has different needs and we are happy to explain our full range of services and the multitude of benefits they bring.

Likewise, our wellbeing experts are carefully selected for their skill, knowledge, commitment to client care and their understanding that each person requires an individual approach. Whether that’s tailoring a 15 minute massage, giving alternative yoga postures or taking the time to understand the experiences of each participant in a mindfulness workshop, the Inspirit team are ready to help your workforce thrive.

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Anna Abrahams, Director Inspirit

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