Anna, Inspirit Director

Anna’s early career was spent in HR, learning how to get the best out of employees. In 2006 she trained to become a massage therapist, spending years studying western and eastern techniques, and combining her varied interests to create Inspirit and its outstanding team of professionals.

“Inspirit to me is about providing the very best – the most skilled practitioners, the most reliable service and the widest range of therapies that will truly help people feel better in their working and daily lives. We are continually developing new ideas at Inspirit and are excited to bring them to you. I’m proud of the talented team we have of dedicated wellbeing practitioners.”

Jane, Head of Inspirit Mindfulness

Jane heads up the Inspirit mindfulness programme. She has extensive experience working in the field of organisational and personal development since 2002, delivering individual coaching and group workshops to organisations such as Discovery Channel, Warner Music, Channel 4, The Walt Disney Company, The Cabinet Office, The Department for Education, Shire Pharmaceuticals and many NHS Trusts. Her academic background includes an MSc in mindfulness-based approaches, an honours degree in music, a post-graduate diploma in education, a diploma in cognitive-behavioural approaches to stress management, a diploma in coaching and further training in psychology and psychotherapy. Jane has specialist training in relational mindfulness practice, qualifying her to deliver unique programmes aimed at enhancing communication and relationship building in the workplace.

She follows the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers’ guidelines for good practice and is responsible for supervising mindfulness teachers both privately and as an associate for the Mindfulness Network CIC.

“Mindfulness is integral to my life and work and I am passionate about bringing the benefits of it to individuals and the workplace”.

Clara, Inspirit massage therapist

Clara qualified as a massage therapist in 2009 and has been working with Inspirit since early 2016.

“I am passionate about massage and constantly amazed by its many benefits; physical, mental and emotional. I am continually learning and growing through my work as a therapist and love and embrace this aspect of my practice. I love working with Inspirit. The work is always interesting and varied and I am very much looked after and valued as a therapist and person.”

Lynsey, Inspirit Massage Therapist

Lynsey began her massage therapy studies 8 years ago and describes it as the best decision she ever made. She joined Inspirit in 2012 and is an accomplished member of the team trained in seated acupressure, sports massage, hot stones and many other therapies.

“I love working with people, helping them to feel healthy and comfortable in their own bodies. Whether individuals present with sports related injuries or chronic tension and pain from long hours at the desk, I'll provide client specific treatment to enable them to get physically better and in turn feel happier. I feel lucky to have a job I adore which benefits and helps those who come to see me.”

Marina, Inspirit Massage Therapist

Marina came to massage therapy in 2008 as a means of improving her own health. She transformed her life from being a sedentary, unhealthy 30 something into an active yogi, kick boxer, runner and weight lifter. She joined Inspirit in 2015 and is qualified in an array of treatments including sports, reflexology and indian head massage:

“I absolutely love doing what I do. It is an honour to improve someone’s quality of life. Massage therapy is an imperative part of a healthy lifestyle, encompassing emotional wellbeing as well as the physical benefits. The work I do for Inspirit has become an important lifeline. I absolutely love working with and for Anna and I treat my work with enthusiasm and passion.”

Aleks, Inspirit Massage Therapist

Aleks has been a massage therapist for the last 6 years and joined Inspirit in 2014. She is an active person and passionate about massage and its benefits:

“Learning about the body has shaped how I live my own life and take care of myself through nutritional and emotional wellbeing. All aspects of ourselves - how we move, think and nourish our internal body - have a cumulative effect on how we feel. Through Inspirit, I've been fortunate to provide sessions of acupressure massage to those who may not have had the time to seek it out themselves. These sessions not only change the physiology of those who receive them, but also bring an awareness to posture, as well as hopefully motivating people to pursue other forms of self-healing and prevention of injury. For me, every experience has been a positive one and I look forward to sharing my craft with even more people in the future.”

Manu, Inspirit Yoga Instructor

Manu has been a yoga teacher for 17 years and joined the Inspirit team in 2012.

“I discovered yoga when I was looking for a different physical challenge to break from the boredom of my gym routine. It blew my mind. I was really challenged by the practice and non-competitive approach and quickly came to realise that its benefits were reaching much further than anything I had done before. I started to integrate it into my daily routine and never looked back. Today, I am an avid Ashtanga practitioner and owe my wellbeing to my practice. That’s why I try really hard to convince others to do the same. The world can only become a better place with Yoga.”

Fiora, Inspirit Massage Therapist

Fiora has been a massage therapist for 10 years and joined the Inspirit team in 2015. She is qualified in a variety of massage styles and has extensive experience from working both as a mobile and clinic based therapist. She is also a fitness instructor, practices yoga regularly and maintains a healthy, balanced diet and a positive approach to life.

“I believe that wellbeing and happiness start from within. Taking holistic care of ourselves is essential to maintaining our health. I joined Inspirit two years ago and am enjoying working for them as I find them to be an ethical agency that truly cares about both their therapists and clients.”

Sasha, Inspirit Massage Therapist

Sasha has been a massage therapist for over 10 years and is trained in aromatherapy, holistic and sports massage. She joined the Inspirit team in 2014.

“I love the job satisfaction I get when people go away feeling better every time they see me. I always work holistically and enjoy thinking about what certain injuries could be and how to help. I love building a rapport with the clients, and genuinely care about each and every one of them. Massage has always been my number one passion.”

Dan, Inspirit Massage Therapist

Dan began his training as a massage therapist in 2010 and is one of the newest members of the team. After obtaining his diploma in Holistic Massage he continued to study, qualifying in deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, hot stones, indian head massage and seated acupressure. His chair massage treatments combine traditional techniques with the teaching of Anma and Shiatsu - the great ancient Eastern massage schools.

“I continuously further my knowledge in the field of remedial massage based on the methods developed by Ralph Stephens, Dr. Jonathan Kuttner MD, David Palmer, and Leon Chaitow ND, DO. I am a vegan, practice Tibetan Buddhist meditation and live in London with my wife and our eight years old daughter Sabrina".

Monika, Inspirit Massage Therapist

ITEC trained, with over 5 years of experience in the massage field, Monika has been working for Inspirit since 2015 providing seated acupressure treatments.

“I find my job as a massage therapist very fulfilling. It's great to feel happy going to work every day. Inspirit is a professional, friendly company. I really enjoy working with for them.”